How To Plan A Themed Birthday Party

Jun 5, 2018 | BLOG

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids! Adults need to have fun too and planning a themed birthday party is a great way to host an exciting celebration together with your closest friends and family. Whether its 30, 40, 50 or 60 (or somewhere in between or above!), there is really no better way to celebrate you and your special day than throwing a big birthday bash!

As event experts, we have a lot of know-how in designing and planning special events in Greece and we’ve put together this list of important things to consider when planning a birthday party in Greece.


Choose An Event Theme

Having a themed birthday party is a ton of fun and it will distinguish your party as a special event. Pick a theme that is representative of you and then let it take over your party planning. Your birthday theme will help guide you through everything from invitations, decor, and even themed cocktails! We’ve picked a ‘Monte Carlo Casino & Grand Prix’ theme for a 40th birthday party!


Decide A Date, Venue & Guest List

Choose the perfect date for your themed birthday party before picking the venue. Our Monte Carlo theme calls for elegance, sophistication and a touch of glam so we’ve chosen a historic house setting with a large dining area and grand outdoor veranda. Our Casino & Grand Prix theme fits perfectly with the house’s elegant details, and black and white checkered floors.

When searching out a venue, keep in mind who your guests are and how many people will be attending – setting your guest list ahead of time is highly recommended. You’ll want to pick a venue large enough (or cozy enough) to gather everyone comfortably.


Pick Invitations & Set The Dress Code

Having set a date, secured your venue, and prepped your guest list, you’re ready to create your themed birthday invitations! Think of something creative and give your guests a sneak peek at the fun they’ll have on your big day – create some anticipation and introduce your guests to your fun birthday theme.

For our Monte Carlo Casino theme, we custom-made our invitations to look like playing cards and wrote the text in calligraphy. We decided to set a dress code for the night – formal attire – so that everyone will look and feel glamorous, as if they’re actually in Monte Carlo!


Design According To Your Style

Decor and lighting will set the tone and get your guests in the mood for a night they’ll remember!

We pulled out all the stops for our Monte Carlo themed birthday party! At the entrance, there’s a large black and white chequered flag above the door to match the floors, and a red carpet for guests to walk on as they make their grand entrance. We’ve also custom-made a big welcome sign that says ‘Monte Carlo 40th Grand Prix.’

We set the mood with dim lighting including candles and characteristic chandeliers, and our glowing ‘MONTE CARLO CASINO’ sign is the talk of the party! For the welcome cocktails, set outside on the grand veranda, our guests will lounge on red velvet stools, setting their drinks on low glass-top tables perched on old Ferrari tires. Our main focus will be the reception area where dinner and after-dinner entertainment will take place. The walls and carpet of the room are black and give a complete casino feel. A long buffet table covered in green felt is set in the centre of the room and looks like a Blackjack and Roulette table. The glass bar is filled with red, black, and green poker chips, seated with gold bar stools, black cocktail tables, and tall candles in dice-filled glass vases.

The dining tables are numbered using playing cards and everyone can find their assigned seat from a matching sign at the entrance. All of the tables are laid with dark red tablecloths and large clear dice are filled with white roses as the centrepiece.


Tantalize With Food & Drink

A birthday party isn’t complete without delicious food and sumptuous drinks! Since this is a 40th birthday celebration, we want lots of champagne. We have buckets of champagne decorating the inside bar, as well as on the outside veranda where guests can enjoy a cocktail party set-up. The cocktail menu has been specially chosen to reflect the event and they’re shared on silver platters as guests arrive.


Make It Memorable Entertainment

Having plenty of entertainment at a themed party is a must. You want your guests to have fun, dance, mingle, and most of all, to have a great and memorable night! For our 40th themed birthday party, we’ve arranged great music and lots of activities. During dinner, guests will listen to live piano and jazz musicians and for the dance party, a DJ will play everyone’s favorites. To keep with the birthday theme, our DJ will wear a Formula One race car driver’s suit and the DJ booth will look like a vintage Ferrari.

Guests will surely love the variety of activities that our themed birthday party will have, they’ll have a ton of fun playing casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, slot machines, a Ferrari photo booth, and even an elegant cigar bar.


Out-Of-This-World Dessert

A big birthday party wouldn’t be complete without cake and desserts so be sure your desserts make a statement! Having a dessert bar filled with lots of different treats is a great way to serve delicious sweets, as well as have some dessert decorating fun. For our Grand Prix theme, we have dice-shaped cake pops, biscuits that look like a deck of cards, cupcakes with hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds as little toppers, and let’s not forget the chocolate cigars that are wrapped in gold. For the finale of the night, the big birthday cake for the big birthday party! Our Monte Carlo Casino themed birthday cake has been custom designed to look like stacked poker chips.


Remember This Day Party Favors

What better way to thank your guests for being with you at your special birthday party than to give themed party favors at the end of the night! We chose to give everyone a personalized deck of cards to remember our big Monte Carlo birthday bash! Everyone will take home a token gift and remember the great night that they had celebrating your special birthday.


We can’t get enough of throwing great parties!

Let us take the stress out of planning your next big birthday party in Greece. Get in touch and let’s make your next milestone birthday a big one!


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