Tips For Designing Your Event Stationery & Invitations

Dec 19, 2023 | BLOG

So, your intimate event is quickly approaching and you still haven’t picked your invitations? Maybe you have a specific creation in mind and you realized that the options out there aren’t right for you. It may only be words on paper, yet your invitations can really round out your event style and set the tone for your celebration.

In MILI LO, we embrace your uniqueness and customize every detail to compliment your individual style so that we creatively curate all of the complex layers of your special event.  Based on our expertise in event design and planning, we’ve gathered a few tips to navigate you through the process of designing your event stationery and invitations, be it a baptism, corporate social function, milestone birthday party or name day!


#1 Think About Your Vision

Your event invitations should harmoniously blend with your event style. How do you envision your event? How formal is your event? Is it a ‘Hollywood glamor’ inspired party or a more casual, rustic-chic gathering? No matter what, keep in mind that except for listing the location and time, the invitations hint to your event theme!


#2 Get Inspired By Your Venue & Color Palette

The location of your special event plays a key role in designing your invitations. If your party takes place on the beach on a Greek island opt for something more colorful. On the other hand, a a mountainous location calls for a more traditional invitation. Also, think about your event colors and how to incorporate these hues into your paper selections.


#3 Play With The Size & Shape

The envelope drives the size of the invitation, so your design needs to fall within your chosen envelope formats. A 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card is a typical choice; however, you can channel more playful and modern vibes with other shapes such as circular, scalloped or square. And believe it or not, the size of your invitation says a lot about your event. An unusual size signifies an untraditional, one-of-a-kind intimate gathering!


#4 Check Out The Hottest Trends 

The selection of paper and printing techniques are overwhelming. Gold and silver foil can add shine to your baptism invitation, creating a more luxurious effect. Envelope liners are a great finishing touch and add to an eye-catching design. While pearlescent paper with a shimmer finish along the top has a very elegant feeling. Thermography, letterpress, linen finish or cotton fibre are some other glamorous techniques that you will simply love. Last but not least, custom monograms representative pure luxury and are ideal for a meaningful and elegant invitation. An extra tip is to seal your envelopes with a custom made wax seal!


#5 Decide What To Include In The Stationery

In addition to the actual invitation, an invitation suite typically includes, a reception card, a response card, as well as a directions card to ensure that your guests will get to your celebration on time. Accommodation cards are optional, but thoughtful for your out-of-town guests. ‘Save The Date’ cards are a fun way to let your guests know in advance that you are planning a bespoke baptism, making sure they keep the date free. Lastly, ‘Thank You’ cards are a polite way to express your gratitude to each person who was present on your special day!


#6 Pay Attention To The Wording

Whether you want to keep the wording classic or modern and fanciful, some basic elements should be included in your invitation. Most importantly we recommend including the names of the hosts, the date, time and location of your event, as well as the information for your reception. A request line is an appealing way to ask for your guests’ company. Optionally, you can include a note on attire if you are opting for a very formal event.


#7 Go For Timeless Fonts & Typefaces

Just like the color, size, and shape of your invitations, fonts also convey information about your event. You can choose from a broad selection of different fonts, however, classic fonts that have stood the test of time will ensure your design never goes out of style. If you’re keeping up with the latest trend then you are looking for handwritten calligraphy which radiates elegance and sophistication.


#8 Don’t Forget To Bring Out Your Style

Above all, your invitations should reflect who you are! Be involved in the designing process, express your creativity, share your ideas and immerse the stationer into your vision. Your distinct style and unique personality should be brought together into a unified design!


Designing your invitations can undoubtedly seem like a challenging task. However, when you have a plan and know the key factors to pay attention to, the process can be an exceptionally fun and creative experience. Our team of experienced planners and designers always strive to surpass your expectations; together we’ll be sure that your event invitations and stationery make a statement and a lasting impression to all of your guests!

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