Your Halloween Party Guide

Oct 26, 2019 | BLOG

The tradition of Halloween and dressing up in costume to offer tricks and treats hasn’t always been a popular thing to do in Greece. And actually, the most common time of year for Greeks to dress-up in costume is during carnival which happens in prelude to Orthodox Easter traditions that take place in early spring.

Since the fun of All Hallows Eve has slowly crept into the festivities calendar for many of us who live in Greece, we couldn’t help but want to share our ideas on how to plan the perfect Halloween party in Athens. Here are 5 tips to get your party planning happening this Halloween:

Tip #1

Scary Music & Entertainment

When your guests arrive, be sure to have the appropriate music playing to set the mood – this is what will create the perfect party atmosphere from the get-go! Try some creepy Gothic sounds to set an eerie mood for the night. If you need a conversation starter, how about asking all your guests about one of their most terrifying experiences!?


Tip #2

Themed Cocktails

Whether you’re planning a pool party or a beach party, having themed cocktails is a definite must, but especially for a Halloween party! One of our favorites is a red and orange colored ‘blood’ Smokey Cosmopolitan cocktail served to everyone as a welcome drink – it’s the perfect addition to the already creepy atmosphere.


Tip #3

Spooky but Stylish Table Decor

Place settings and table decorations can really bring your Halloween party together and create a beautiful visual. It’s all in the details after all! Dark red flowers, flickering candles and deep orange pumpkins are ideal for the mood of the night. Lay your table with black tulle together with a black net table runner and place some elegant silver trays in the centre. Another idea is to place the red or purple flowers and candles on the silver tray to create the perfect centrepiece. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even partly spray paint your flowers black! As a final touch, place a few candelabras between the centrepieces to make your space look like a haunted mansion. If you like, you can also make place tags so your guests know where to sit; write everyone’s name on a picture of a skull – pink for the ladies and black for the men.


Tip #4

Halloween Cheese Platter & Dessert Bar

A great way to subtly impress your guests is to cut your cheese in the shape of coffins and decorate a platter just like a graveyard – this will surely spook your guests each time they come in for a bite! It’s not Halloween without lots of sugar and sweets so a fun (and mandatory) addition to your party is a dessert and candy bar. Have some cookies in the shapes of bats and skulls, decorate cupcakes like ghosts, and have cake pops that look like bulging eyeballs. Set up your candy bar with the other desserts for an all-in-one delicious dessert bar.


Tip #5

Dress To Impress

And last, but definitely not least, your party isn’t a real Halloween event unless everyone is dressed in costume. Be sure to inform all of your guests that this is a ‘costume only’ party and that the best dressed will win a special token gift so that they’re remembered for their creative and stylish costume!


Now you’re ready to party – have a ton of fun!!


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