Top Wedding Proposal Spots in Santorini

Nov 22, 2018 | BLOG

Santorini is arguably the most famous of all Greek islands. It is a volcanic island located in the Aegean Sea at the southernmost part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands. The island is home to less than 20,000 locals, but hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Santorini every year to enjoy a truly romantic getaway. Santorini is known for its incredible views above the volcanic caldera, its pristine and traditional white villages, blue dome churches, sunsets, unique wines, and high-end romantic cave hideaways. Santorini’s views coupled with its charming cave villas, make it the perfect island for a unique and romantic wedding proposal. We’ve put together the top favorite recommendations for a romantic wedding proposal in Santorini!


A Popular Proposal

Caldera Wineries

There are a couple of wineries overlooking the spectacular caldera of Santorini, which are among the most well-known wineries on the island, with tourists enjoying wine tastings and the magnificent caldera views all day long. The wineries are also very popular venues for couples to get engaged or married at, as they are the only wineries that offer a wonderful private terrace on the famous Santorini caldera. With such stunning views to the sea – perfect for sunset too – we understand why so many couples choose this location to say ‘Yes’ and ‘I do!’

The engagement terraces at these caldera wineries are very simple and offer a blank slate to decorate as you please. Yet, with such astonishing views (seriously, you really can’t get enough!), it’s likely that you’ll want to keep the decorations minimal with some beautiful floral arrangements, perfectly-placed candles, a bottle of champagne, some music for your proposal, and of course a photographer to capture your perfect proposal moment.

The best time of day for a proposal at the caldera wineries is half an hour to an hour before sunset. In Santorini, the sun can be scorching hot and since these venues have western facing views of the sun, it can get quite hot on the terraces. At the same time, once the sun starts going down, you will have one of the best sunset views in Santorini! Arranging your wedding proposal, a little before sunset gives you enough time to ask the love of your life to get married, have a toast with champagne (or a sparkling speciality wine) to your engagement, and then sit back and enjoy the sunset. These private terraces at sunset are so dreamy, romantic, and truly beautiful – they certainly are exceptionally memorable places to host a wedding proposal.


A Most Romantic Proposal

Beach or Caldera Horse Ride

Horse rides are an extraordinary experience in themselves, and experiencing a horse ride for two is truly romantic and a forever memorable experience. Imagine being together with your loved one and riding across one of Santorini’s black sand beaches alongside tall white cliffs, or riding along the famous Santorinian caldera soaking up all the beauty around you.

Let us add to your experience by arranging a guided private tour along Eros beach and up to the lookout spot across the entire island of Santorini! With the beautiful view, we’ll arrange for a perfect and romantic picnic set up for your wedding proposal. As we say, less is more, and we suggest a simple arch decorated with fairy lights and a few cushions to create a cozy atmosphere together with some live music playing in the background – that’s all you need! The perfect time for these horse riding wedding proposals would be in the afternoon so you ‘pop the question’ as the sun sets before you. Of course, if you would like to follow a more Greek tradition, we also recommend donkey rides along these trails!


Simple Luxury Proposal

Caldera Private Terrace

The private terraces on the caldera with panoramic views of Santorini, the Aegean Sea and the volcano at sunset offer glam and elegance. Surrounded by this breathtaking view and landscape, not much décor is needed. A few simple flower arrangements, candle light and fountain fireworks are more than enough to elevate your private terrace for a simple yet luxurious wedding proposal. This wedding proposal in Santorini is one of the most popular themes as it combines all of Santorini’s most unique characteristics, a backdrop of all the famous white washed cave dwellings - for you both to hold onto forever.


The Romantic Adventure Proposal

Skaros Rock

If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-path wedding proposal location in Santorini, then the imposing Skaros Rock in Imerovigli is a unique and breathtaking choice. Skaros is a large rock that juts vertically out of the sea and offers incredible views of the caldera, as well as of the beautiful village of Imerovigli. This Santorini landmark was once the most important fortress on the island; today it is a popular hiking spot for visitors from all over the world.

Once you walk the many steps down the cliff to Skaros (it’s safe, we promise), there are a few spots to make a special wedding proposal. If you’re looking for even more of an adventure, you can climb to the very top of the rock and have views of the entire caldera. If you don’t want to walk the hundreds of steps down, there’s also a quaint church on the same path to Skaros that will give you a nice terrace to admire Skaros from a close distance. Whichever spot you choose, having a wedding proposal at Skaros Rock will surely be unforgettable!

While the natural landscape at Skaros is enough for a romantic setting, we recommend arranging for a colorful bouquet of flowers, candle light, a small sample of traditional Santorinian delicacies, a drink of your choice or even arranged hidden surprises; having an event planner make these arrangements for you will give you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of your wedding proposal in Santorini, not to mention fully enjoying watching the sunset from Skaros Rock. The best time of day for a proposal at Skaros is just before sunset, as you will definitely want the sunlight to walk down the steps. After sunset, you can head to the beautiful and classic village of Imerovigli for a celebratory meal. There are a few well-known and delicious restaurants to enjoy dinner with caldera views and the evening lights of Imerovigli village.


A Simple Or Extravagant Proposal

Black Sand Beach

Made of volcanic sand and pebbles, the black sand beaches are among the most unique places to see in Santorini. For a laid-back, simple, and quiet sandy beach wedding proposal, Vlychada or Eros beach are our top recommendations. Their tall ivory-colored pumice formations in contrast with the black sand and blue sea, offer a truly stunning setting for a romantic proposal; however, this location can also be extravagant too, as we can arrange for you and your loved one to arrive by helicopter and have a private heli tour around Santorini! We can arrange warm, cozy picnic set ups with flowers and candles for a magical atmosphere or if you want something more lively and with the comforts of a venue service, we recommend a hip beach bar restaurant, to follow your wedding proposal, with a delicious dinner by the sea.

At either beach, depending on your personal style, decorations can be simple or elaborate; at minimum we recommend a comfortable beach blanket, sprinkled rose petals, tiki torches and candles for warm lighting, and of course a bottle of champagne to toast your special wedding proposal. The best time of day for a beach wedding proposal is right at sunset when the sun and sand are cool. Once the sun sets, you can enjoy the warm night and watch the waves roll in.


Is An Event Planner Needed For A Wedding Proposal In Greece?

Proposals require less planning than a wedding, but definitely require planning and booking ahead of time! Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands and wedding proposal venues fill up fast. Of course, if you choose to do a more simple wedding proposal with minimal planning, arrangements can be made more last minute, especially in cases when a venue rental is not required.

At MILI LO, we highly recommend having a local event planner in Greece to handle the details for your special wedding proposal. Furthermore, we love arranging special surprises for the big moment! Having us by your side means that we plan all of the logistics from theme to decorations, and things like getting to and from your hotel to your wedding proposal location of choice, helping you find a local photographer to capture your special engagement, and making sure everything comes together for an absolutely perfect proposal moment!

A wedding proposal in Santorini only happens once in a lifetime and we understand that every detail must be perfect. We hope you’ll enjoy your wedding proposal so much that you come back for your wedding in Greece too!


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