In life there are moments that shimmer with possibility, where time seems to pause, and the world holds its breath. At MILI LO, we’re experts in curating these moments—where love and passion take center stage against a backdrop that defies the ordinary.

Imagine standing together on a private terrace in Athens, with the majestic Acropolis towering in the distance and the city below twinkling with anticipation. Picture yourselves nestled in a premium venue in Santorini, surrounded by the iconic blue-domed churches and stunning sunset views over the caldera. Feel the intimacy of a private villa in Mykonos, its whitewashed walls adorned with bougainvillea, whispering tales of centuries past. Or experience the exhilaration of a luxury yacht sailing through crystal-blue waters around Crete’s rugged coastline, where each moment unfolds harmoniously with the gentle lapping of waves.

No matter what destination you choose, your love story will unfold with each passing moment, and with each detail meticulously woven into the fabric of your romance.


From the first spark of inspiration to the moment you take their hand and ask the question that changes everything, our caring expert team is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. We offer a curated selection of venues and experiences designed to elevate your wedding proposal in Greece to an absolutely unforgettable occasion!

Whether you choose the seclusion of a private garden, the opulence of a luxury yacht, or a private helicopter tour over breathtaking landscapes, we curate the setting and tailor the details to reflect your unique bond – creating an ambiance that speaks to your hearts.


Get in touch with our team to begin sharing your wedding proposal inspiration. Together we will unfold your unique vision and design a proposal that is not just an event, but a cherished memory that resonates deep within you both.

If you’d like to get some ideas first, explore our curated pre-designed proposals  or take a look at our past proposals in Greece.


Transform your proposal into a masterpiece with our exclusive add-ons, curated to enhance every detail of your special moment. Please note that availability may vary by venue and yacht.

  • Photography
  • Videography & Drone
  • Food & Beverage
  • Floral Décor
  • Balloon Décor
  • Unique decor installations
  • Exclusive Tableware & Furniture Rentals
  • Exclusive Props & Accessories
  • Live Singer or Musician
  • Smoke Bombs & Fireworks
  • Lighting installations and candle decor
  • Photo Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
  • Other Special Requests


Your journey with us is a symphony of anticipation, meticulous planning, and heartfelt moments!

Envisioning Your Dream

Begin by sharing your vision with us. Tell us your story, your dreams, and the essence of what makes your love story extraordinary. This is where the magic begins—your initial inquiry sparks the creation of something truly remarkable.

Crafting Your Proposal

Together, we’ll meticulously plan every detail, from selecting the perfect venue to curating personalized décor and entertainment that speaks to your hearts. Upon receiving your inquiry, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to better understand your preferences and aspirations. Following this, we’ll provide you with indicative costs based on your responses. Upon booking, we’ll schedule a one-hour phone or video chat to discuss the full vision.

Creating the Moment

As the day approaches, our team will orchestrate behind the scenes, ensuring that everything is flawlessly executed, leaving you free to savor every second of this monumental occasion. We’ll finalize the proposal design, prepare the final quote, and coordinate every aspect according to your wishes. Before the magical day arrives, we’ll send you the on-day timeline to ensure everything is perfectly coordinated for your unforgettable proposal.

The Celebration of Forever

Finally, as you stand together in the glow of your shared future, surrounded by the beauty of our chosen location, you’ll ask the question that changes everything. And in that moment, as the world holds its breath, your love story will be forever etched into the fabric of time.

Get in touch with our team and let’s begin planning your luxury wedding proposal in Greece!


Life is about the people we meet, and the moments we create with them!
Private Terrace in Santorini

”Words cannot do justice to the moment and the butterflies we had when we first entered the venue. A very big thank you to Emily for making all of this possible. Being hundreds of kilometers away, I reached out to Emily because I didnt want a “basic” santorini proposal package. Emily’s work is very meticulous and detail oriented. We spent hours working on imagining and planning how the day would turn out, from the big details such as the venue down to the small details as to exact amount of lights we would want there, she did it all. Emily first understood our personalities and catered all of the intecrete details down to our liking. I had a very specific idea in mind, which was detailed down to the color of the dress and Emily made it all possible. With her creative ideas, suggestions and dedication Emily put herself in our shoes and made it all happen. She is a geneious and I tell her she has the best job in the world, making others dreams come true. For us we will always associate Santorini to our special day and that would not have been possible without Emily.
Thank you very much, we wish you all the success and happiness in the world.”

Darshil Munchi – Canada 

Private Cruise In Crete


”Emily and the Mili Lo were FANTASTIC!! It was important to me to find an event planner who was LGBTQ+ friendly and women-owned. Emily was responsive, helpful, kind, and very organized. I enjoyed the entire process of working with her to create our dream engagement!”

Rachael Baine – Texas, USA

Horse ride & Cliffside Picnic Proposal in Santorini

”Thank you very much for your support in planning and realizing our proposal! With your commitment, your creative ideas and suggestions and all your tips, you made our day one of the most beautiful days so far! If a day has been magical so far, it was this day. Sibel and me felt really overwhelmed and nothing could have been better planned and realized!…”
”…Planning with you was a lot of fun. Taking every single detail into account and not leaving anything to fate was very important to me during the planning and realization, and you helped me ensure that everything is really taken into account in order to make the day perfect…”
”…I can still clearly remember the first (written) contact with you and also the countless e-mails we had and WhatsApp messages we wrote. It was always that you were able to put yourself in the shoes of a person and could recognize the thoughts I had in mind very well, so that you just answered me all the questions and thoughts I had in mind right away!…”
”…In addition to your characteristics, always taking everything into your own hands and paying attention to every detail in planning and realization, this characteristic is either due to your experience or simply your talent to put yourself in the shoes of the other. An incredibly valuable characteristic that gave me a total safe feeling during the entire planning process!…”, ”…Emily, I can’t thank you enough for your support! As I already mentioned it… When we think back to Santorini, we will always carry this paradise island with MILI LO in our hearts.”

Rong Kwer Huang – Vienna, Austria

Design & Planning

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