The Significance Of Sound & Music At Your Event

Jun 14, 2021 | BLOG

No matter what type of event you’re planning, you have probably realized by now that the list of ‘things to get done’ is endless. Other than the main elements of your event, like the venue and the food, there are some other things that you often overlook, like your event timeline, lighting, and perhaps most importantly – music! Most people tend to leave music to the end of their planning process, which is actually a huge mistake because music can either take your event to the next level or totally destroy it. Music creates atmosphere and ambiance; it influences your guests’ moods and makes them feel comfortable. Music is used to emphasize meaningful moments, not to mention that in the case of a wedding reception, musical selections reveal the unique personalities of the bride and the groom. Whether you’re planning a wedding, baptism, anniversary or birthday party, here are some pointers you should consider when planning the musical portion of your next event in Greece.

What’s Better, A Band or DJ?

Choosing between a band or a DJ for your event can be a challenging task. Everything depends on the atmosphere you want to create, your energy level, your budget, your musical taste, and your guest list. For example, if you’re planning a formal affair and want soft, relaxing music playing in the background, a DJ is the right choice. If you’re going for a livelier vibe, then hiring a band will surely bring your guests to their feet, making them feel even more part of the show. Another thing you should take into account is your venue. Maybe your venue does not have enough space to host multiple band members. In addition to this, consider the venue style and which type of music is a better fit. For more contemporary venues, a DJ is a more sure fit, but if you’re tying the knot at a place of historical significance, then having a live performance is sure to elevate your reception experience. Last but not least, keep your budget in mind; typically, a DJ is a more affordable option if you’re budget conscious.

Make Sure Your Guests Can Hear What’s Going On

If your next event in Greece is an outdoor wedding, then you should unanticipate natural sounds like the wind, for example, which can quickly ruin everything. But even if your venue is indoors, you should still ensure that your guests can hear each other, and especially when you’re speaking your heartfelt vows. For this reason, you, your significant other, and your officiant should always be amplified. This can be achieved, either by wearing a lapel mic or having a standing mic set up between the three of you. You will also need speakers placed around the space.

Choose The Right Music

The type of music you choose for your events should do two things – match your personality and engage your guests. Of course, your musical taste is very important, since it is your wedding, but make sure to also include some classic, familiar songs that everybody loves, it will ensure that your guests won’t get bored. The size of your guest list also plays an important role when choosing music. Loud and upbeat electronic music wouldn’t suit an intimate micro wedding, for example. Additionally, you’ll want to think about the size of the space; a solo violinist may sound great, but it will be hard to hear in a massive hall. Similarly, no matter how much you love rock music, if you have chosen a small dining room as your venue, a live rock band will overpower it. If it’s a wedding that you’re planning, part of choosing-the-perfect-music includes, of course, your first dance. Almost everybody has a soundtrack to their relationship, whether it is a romantic love song that reflects your unique love story, the first song you ever danced to, or a song that played when you first met. It’s meant to be something special and authentic for an unforgettable first dance that you’ll keep forever in your hearts.     Be sure not to underestimate the power of music. There’s music for every mood and every situation. It’s one of those things that makes people feel – it connects them deeply on an emotional level. Get in touch with us and we will arrange all the details so your next event in Greece has only the best music to your ears. After all, music gives us reason to celebrate!

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