Same-Sex Weddings & Events In Greece

Sep 1, 2020 | BLOG

Whether you are proposing to your partner, celebrating your anniversary, or planning your dream wedding, Greece is a top destination for same-sex couples from all over the world. With so many picture-perfect islands and romantic villages, it is a wonderful place to celebrate your love!

Although same-sex weddings are not yet legally recognized in Greece, many couples choose to have a symbolic wedding ceremony, renew their vows or simply declare their love for each other at one of Greece’s most beautiful and gay-friendly destinations. Even though Greek law doesn’t permit a legal marriage, if you are dreaming of a destination wedding in Greece, don’t let red tape legislation restrict your plans! For same-sex couples who wish to get married here, there are indeed many alternatives to having a traditional wedding.

The most popular option is a meaningful, not religious ceremony, where you and your partner make a commitment to each other in front of your family and closest friends. Described as a symbolic wedding, this type of unity ceremony is performed by a professional wedding Celebrant and offers you a lot of flexibility, as it has no legal weight. Not only can it take place anywhere, from a beachfront local to a luxurious villa, it can also have religious elements if desired. No matter what your preference, your wedding in Greece will be intimate, special, and completely personalized!

No matter what type of same-sex event you’re planning in Greece, our extensive list of venues includes exclusive holiday villas, stylish resorts on the Athenian Riviera, romantic beaches, verdant gardens, private yachts, historical venues in Athens, beautiful vineyards, and quaint villages – the options are endless! It’s up to you and your partner to decide which venue is the best for you. If you’re envisioning an extravagant, large-scale event, for example, a luxurious hotel in the Cyclades could be an ideal option, whereas a smaller, more intimate affair could be hosted on an off-the-beaten-path island that reflects the relaxed mood of your celebration.

Regardless of your ideal location in Greece, we will tailor-make every detail so that the experience for you and your guests is truly exceptional. Together we’ll select your theme, décor, menu and entertainment so that everything perfectly aligns with your own taste, personal aesthetics, and character. We appreciate that each couple is unique, and want your special day to eloquently narrate your unique story.

Love is the source from which all life begins, it is limitless and has no gender or race. Everyone’s love deserves to be celebrated and we would be honored to be part of celebrating your special bond – it would mean the world to us to be part of your love story!

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