A Perfect Photo Shoot Proposal In Santorini

We received an inquiry by Leonie to plan the perfect same-sex wedding proposal for her partner in beautiful Santorini. She and her partner, Sophie had spent years looking at photos and dreaming about this island and thought it was time to make it happen! As soon as they booked their tickets and hotel, she knew then that it would be the perfect place to do her proposal she always pictured in her head. She imagined it private and romantic on a Cliffside overlooking the sunset, with flowers and lots of candles. She wanted it personalized to suit Sophie’s personality and style.

We began to recommend various options but the one option stood out more than the rest both for Leonie and us. This was a 200 and 600 year old restored windmill renovated into a private terrace on the edge of the cliff – something so unique and a truly Greek characteristic, especially on the Cycladic islands.

The best way for Sophie to not suspect the slightest, we figured they would book a photo shoot session during sunset. Little did we know that we would pull this off so well that Sophie wouldn’t suspect anything until the actual moment!

We set up a playlist with their favorite songs to play in the background. Sophie complimented how good the DJ was and how spot on he was with their style!

Previously, we had set up and decorated various corners of the private terrace to translate exactly as Sophie would have liked to have it-modern, chic, clean, white and grey with Peach flowers and Eucalyptus greenery. We created something truly elegant, sophisticated and stylish to tick all of Sophie’s boxes. Macarons, chocolate truffles and cupcakes were delicately placed on mirror bases which added so much class to the table. Tall jars with floating candles lit up the terrace and created a warm and majestic atmosphere. We asked Leonie to write a few letters in sealed envelopes as it would be a truly romantic and memorable moment building up to the actual proposal. Since they were written in a timeline of their relationship, these were placed on the ground in a half heart shape underneath Santorini lava rocks, leading up to the proposal spot. As she would read the last one, the big moment would arrive where Leonie would propose. Even at this point, Sophie had no suspicions!

After the proposal, they enjoyed their delicious desserts and popped the champagne. Leonie had one last surprise for her partner so, as they would ching their flute glasses, amazing sky fireworks started going off over the 600 year old windmill. This wow factor was the perfect ending to their magical evening and the beginning of a sparkling and bright future together!

As Leonie expressed: ‘’I could never quite have imagined it turning out as amazing as it did!! It really was all I ever dreamed of and more… and Sophie was just in awe of it all! It really was her fairytale proposal!’’

We loved planning every moment of it and we could not have been happier with the end result. It was simply magical!


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