Hosting A Party On A Rib Boat Or Luxury Yacht In Greece

Jun 20, 2019 | BLOG

Every milestone in life deserves a special and memorable celebration and we think that there’s no better venue to throw a party or host a special event at than on a private boat or yacht in Greece! Nothing compares with a celebration set against the inspiring and most relaxing blue hues of the Greek sea. A cruise full of intense Mediterranean flavors and experiences that create memories, is the ultimate way to live your special occasion.

Celebrating on a yacht can be as intimate and low-key, or as extravagant and vibrant as you want it to be. From birthdays to anniversaries, bachelor parties to wedding proposals, wedding ceremonies to special events, or even a simple dinner with your family, there are so many wonderful special occasions and events that can be hosted on a yacht. Depending on your needs, you can choose a small boat that is ideal for a more intimate event with a small guest list, or opt for a large yacht of impeccable luxury where you can host large parties or weddings for up to 600 guests.

Hosting a party on a yacht in Greece is the quintessential yachting experience and it can be further enhanced by an organized tour to lovely island destinations. For instance, if you’re in Athens then you’ll definitely want to explore the beauty of the Athenian Riviera. You can also embark on a day cruise to nearby islands such as the picturesque islands of Hydra and Spetses or plan an excursion to the lovely island of Aegina. A cruise to some of the more famous Greek islands is also a very popular option; Mykonos, the sparkling jewel of the Cyclades, with its vibrant atmosphere, is ideal for any type of celebration, while the island of Paros offers a calmer vibe and golden sandy beaches. If you love sightseeing, the sacred island of Delos has some of the most important archaeological sites, while if you’re an avid nature lover the smaller Cycladic islands offer some of the most breathtaking landscapes. Of course your event theme, duration, and budget will all determine what destinations are the best choice for your celebration. MILI LO will work with you to create and deliver the perfect yacht party in Greece so that everyone on board has a wonderful experience!

If a few hours doesn’t seem like enough and you wish to extend the party atmosphere, there are a number of other choices available, from day to weekend or weekly trips. Regardless of the trip length, every experience is always combined with fun activities which create memories that will remain with you and your guests long after your yacht party is over; snorkelling, watching the sunset, land tours to renowned sites, exciting water-sports, and superb dinners are just some of the numerous options you have. Moreover, a luxurious yacht charter comes with high-end amenities, from comfortable sunbeds and stylish lounge areas to inviting jacuzzis and gorgeous pools or even helipads – the perfect setting for partying in style and elegance in Greece!

At MILI LO we offer a fully customized experience and make you feel like royalty on the day of your celebration. All you have to do is tell us about your dream yacht experience, and we will handle the rest. From styling to catering and bartending, we will bring all the necessary details together, in our refined and sophisticated style. Of course, your personal style will determine all the finer details like décor, furniture, as well as floral design, lighting, and Art de la Table. Once the cruise destination has been decided and you have a complete itinerary for your on-board activities planned, it’s time to focus on music. We have a list of DJs, bands, and singers that we can hire for a live performance that will definitely add to the festive atmosphere and make your special day unforgettable. Our services to you can also include photography and video recording to capture all those unique moments! Last but not least, we can arrange a spectacular firework display and other special effects that will undoubtedly draw your guests’ attention and make your event unforgettable!

If you’re looking to host the ultimate party in privacy and exclusivity, a cruise by boat or yacht in Greece is an ideal choice. At MILI LO, we offer you unlimited options and make your vision a reality. No matter the type of event you wish to host, we bring a fusion of high aesthetics, professional services, fine dining, party ambience, amazing destinations, and utter luxury!

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