Our Favorite Romantic Getaway Retreats In Athens

May 12, 2019 | BLOG

If you’re planning a romantic getaway retreat with your special someone, planning your honeymoon or a wedding proposal there is no better choice than booking a private suite for it during your stay in Athens, before going to your next destination in Greece! Although the Greek islands – especially Santorini and Mykonos – typically steal the spotlight as top romantic destinations, Greece’s capital of Athens has a very distinct and romantic charm, as does the Greek hospitality. From age-old ruins, monumental landmarks, scenic streets surrounded by old traditional houses, to its mellow sunsets and hidden lookout spots with minimal urban spacious apartments and villas. It is filled with the perfect urban backdrop for a romantic stroll or a candlelit dinner at sunset before returning to your romantically decorated private room for your dreamy escape! We’ve rounded-up some of our top romantic spots in Athens located nearby our favorite hidden suites for your special retreats that should truly not be taken unnoticed or undecorated!


In The City Center


Lycabettus Hill

If you’d like to relish an incredible sunset with your love, then definitely head to the top of Lycabettus Hill. A funicular can take you there or you can opt for a semi-challenging walk up the scenic footpath. No matter what your method of heading up this hill, you will undoubtedly be rewarded with the sprawling views of the entire city, stretching out to the coastline and the Aegean sea. As golden hour approaches, watch the sky take on brilliant shades of crimson or visit the restaurant at the top of the hill for a romantic dinner while gazing over the endless sea of twinkling lights.


Nestled just below the Acropolis, a haven of tranquility from the bustling city, the area of Anafiotika oozes old-fashioned beauty, with white-washed houses, magenta bougainvillea, narrow alleys and cobbled paths that make you feel like you’re on a Greek island. Discover the true meaning of Athenian living and interact with the locals as you embark with your beloved one on a romantic, leisurely stroll around the capital’s most enchanting neighborhood.


One of Athen’s most lively and trendy neighborhoods, and popular for its vibrant nightlife, can also be a romantic getaway. Sip some cocktails at one of the numerous rooftop bars and take-in the sweeping city vistas. Impress your partner at one of the smaller, secret bars and cozy little spots, or opt for some fun at one of the area’s clubs where you can dance the night away!


Along The Athenian Riviera


Vouliagmeni Lake

Located along the renowned Athenian Riviera, Lake Vouliagmeni is a miracle of nature; it is a unique geological phenomenon that is actually a mineral spa with therapeutic properties where you can enjoy an ultimate, thermal experience. Savor the high life while sipping cocktails on a day-bed or visit in the evening for dinner when the lake is romantically lit. This remarkable natural landscape is a perfect setting to unwind and enjoy romantic moments.

Cape Sounio

Considered by many to be the ultimate romantic spot on the Athenian Riviera, Cape Sounio combines unique natural beauty with wondrous views and a one-of-a-kind archaeological monument – the Temple of Poseidon! The area provides a breezy respite from the city, offering a wide range of activities from sightseeing to seaside dining and open-air spa treatments. And yet, there is nothing more romantic than witnessing the brilliant sunset bathe the ancient temple in warm colors! Also the perfect spot to propose in Athens!


The Mountains


Mount Parnitha National Park

Mount Parnitha National Park is an ultimate destination in Athens for nature lovers. The shelters of Bafi and Flambouri offer various outdoor activities, ideal for adventurous couples, while the lush vegetation and rich fauna, with deer, hares, foxes, and birds, make the park a unique place to appreciate nature and kindle your love!

Mount Hymettus

Mount Hymettus is a hiking paradise that hosts an astounding diversity of flora and remarkable wildlife. The sacred mountain is home to important archaeological sites, holy temples and monasteries as well as fascinating caves, making the area ideal for sightseeing as well as outdoor activities such as trekking and biking. So if you’re one for the great outdoors, plan a romantic day with your significant other, hiking trails and reslishing panoramic views of the impressive Athenian basin.


If you and your partner are looking for a place full of romance, culture
and history, delicious food and exceptional natural beauty, then look
no further! We highly recommend the Greek capital of Athens, as it
has everything needed for an ultimately romantic urban experience!


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