When & Where To Get Married In Greece

Dec 17, 2019 | BLOG

So you’re recently engaged – congratulations! This is undoubtedly one of the happiest and most anticipation-filled periods of your life as you prepare to marry the love of your life.

Despite your ever-growing list of to do’s, there is one element of your wedding that you will need to decide early-on – what time of year do you want to get married? There are so many factors that go into planning a wedding, and all of them can be majorly affected by the date that you choose. Here are some tips that will help you decide on the perfect season for your wedding in Greece!
When To Set A Wedding Date


Take The Weather Into Account

Arguably, the best months to get married in Greece are May, June, and September because the days are sunny, but not too hot and rainy days a typically limited. If you’re a lover of summer and a beach wedding in Greece is what you’ve always dreamed of, then July and August are the best time to pick a date for your wedding – remember that summer in Greece means hot summer days and warm breezy evenings. Sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures characterize fall in Greece so late September to November are great months to consider too. And although winter in Greece is typically mild, if you don’t mind a touch of rain or snowy mountain peaks, then later November to March is a wonderful time to plan your wedding in Greece.


Consider Your Total Budget

Greece is a popular destination to visit from June to September and thus the travel industry works on a seasonal basis, including low, middle and high. If you’re working with a particular budget then consider planning in the low (winter) or middle (early spring, late fall) season as this can save you a bit of money on venue rentals and other vendors, as well as accommodation expenses. If your budget is flexible or if you’re looking for a top luxury experience then traveling at any time of the year will work, but do expect to have higher costs for all venues and services during Greece’s high season (late June to mid September).


Think About Your Guests’ Availability

As you narrow down the time of year you want to get married in Greece, it is essential to think about your guests’ availability. A summer wedding on a Greek island might by what you dream of, but August might be a time when your guests are traveling for summer holidays with their families. Winter weddings are beautiful when there are twinkly lights everywhere, but December is a busy month and many people festive events to attend to. So before deciding a date, just be sure to check-in with some of your (most important) guests to see about their availability.


The Best Wedding Locations In Greece

When determining your wedding date, you also have to decide on the wedding location. From unspoiled islands with long sandy bays to romantic ruins and mountain style weddings with sensational views, Greece has endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track destination or a place full of history, there’s a wedding destination in Greece that’s just right for you even if you are planning a winter location!


#1 Athens

Athens is a great wedding destination; it is a city brimming with cultural treasures and it’s home to Greece’s most legendary monuments,. The whole city conveys an aura of sophisticated elegance and offers a wealth of options where you can have the wedding of your dreams. From a luxurious venue under the historic Acropolis to a ceremony along the beautiful Athenian Riviera against the backdrop of the exceptional blue sea, the historic city of Athens is an excellent location for your special day.


#2 The Lively Cyclades

Spectacular sunsets, rocky cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and stunning whitewashed houses, compose the fairytale-like backdrop of the Cycladic islands. Is there a better way to start your journey together than celebrating on the island of love in Santorini? Or what about the bustling and cosmopolitan islands of Mykonos and Paros that provide a perfect setting for a Greek island wedding.


#3 Off-The-Beaten-Track Islands

If you dream of a more private and intimate wedding, the charm of the smaller and less crowded islands will steal your heart; golden shores washed by turquoise waters, coves, amazing geological formations, little houses, and a relaxed lifestyle. Opt for something more traditional like Folegandros or Kimolos and enjoy an authentic island experience for your wedding in Greece.


#4 The Affluent Saronic Islands

Incurable romantics will appreciate the enchanting allure of the Saronic islands – Spetses and Hydra in particular. Refined and cosmopolitan, the postcard-perfect islands of Hydra and Spetses boast exceptional architecture with traditional stone mansions and narrow cobblestoned streets. Imagine arriving at your wedding venue by horse-drawn carriage or vintage luxury car and savoring delicious Greek liquors alongside the glistening sea – can you think of anything more idyllic!?


#5 Historical Locations

If you imagine getting married in a historic location, full of memories and nostalgia, Monemvasia and Nafplio are ideal destinations. Monemvasia, a medieval castle town has a magical atmosphere and getting married here will feel as if you’re on a journey into the past. Nafplio, the original capital of Greece, boasts stunning Venetian architecture and Ottoman structures that will surely take your breath away. If you prefer an island location, Crete is a wondrous gift of culture and history.


Once you have decided when and where to get married in Greece, it is time to start planning! At MILI LO we will help you choose the when and where, and be with you every step of the way to plan all of the logistics from start to finish; we will tailor design all the details to suit your particular style. A wedding in Greece is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we do our utmost best so that everything is perfect!

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