Top Wedding & Event Trends For Winter 2022

Oct 25, 2021 | BLOG

A new year means a fresh perspective and lots to look forward to, especially if you’re planning a big event! 2022 may seem far away, but it’s actually just around the corner and there’s no better time than now to start planning and looking at what trends the experts are forecasting.

After months of lockdowns and restrictions, big events are definitely making their way back into our lives, and yet the way we celebrate life’s events has been changed forever. 2022 event trends will joyfully embrace the full-scale events we’ve all been missing, but micro-events and intimate celebrations of the past year will continue to inspire for a long time to come.

Whether it is the year you’re getting married or you’re celebrating a benchmark birthday and want to throw a fantastic party or you’re planning your little one’s baptism, we’d like to share some insider advice on what to anticipate for your upcoming 2022 event. Let’s get started!


Bold Color Palettes

Bright color palettes will be trending in 2022, providing a refreshing change from the muted tones that have been popular in recent years. Cranberry, emerald, gold, sapphire, and chocolate are taking over the event world. Another color palette that perfectly captures the whimsical, mystical and romantic winter mood is the ‘tone on tone’ palette introduced by Preciosa. The palette incorporates independent bordeaux red, graceful deep green, warm gold expressing abundance, and refined ivory white.


All-White Floras

Light and airy event decor is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Especially when it comes to your flower arrangements, all-white bouquets or centrepieces not only pay homage to the season but also add a touch of fresh, novel sophistication. And for added texture, don’t be scared to throw some dusty miller or frosted berries in there too!



Candlelight has returned, though it was never truly gone. Set the tone, create the atmosphere, and warm up those winter nights with candlelight and gentle, amber tones. This is a great way to set a calm and softer atmosphere, plus it won’t break the bank and it’ll decrease stress levels.


Nature Inspired Themes

One of the many things that the pandemic has forced us to really pay attention to is the environment and our effects on nature. Sure, you may not want to have a full nature-specific theme, but you might like to draw some of your inspiration from nature. Like using organic elements to decorate your venue can be a nice and natural approach to celebrating your special 2022 event.


Classic Color Combos

Stick to the classics is this year’s slogan! Instead of trying out innovative combinations, focus on timeless ones, such as old-time-classic black and white. Eccentric color combos may take away from your event rather than complement it. For your stationery, for example, think crisp white invitations with velvet black envelopes and gold lettering for a gorgeous and glamorous touch.


Velvet Accessories

Velvet is a wonderful fabric to utilize throughout the winter months. It’s just so sumptuous and rich in texture that it automatically elevates the level of luxury at your event, adding a delightful touch. From ribbons to ring boxes to linens, velvet shines brightest in a variety of hues and is especially perfect for a fall or winter wedding celebration.


Simplistic Yet Meaningful Cakes & Dessert Bars

If you’re looking into cakes and desserts for your special event, be sure to keep in mind that the days of extravagant cakes are long gone. Instead, simple designs are setting the scene; focused on beautiful tones and light accents. Another trend is selecting a cake flavor that you can really connect with, like something that takes you back to your childhood. It’s no longer just about having a delicious and beautifully decorated cake, it’s more about sharing something special with your guests in the form of a cake. Perhaps an even more appropriate name for this is intentional cakes!? Last but not least, what really gets guests talking are the unique and innovating dessert bars beautifully set up making it a focal point at every event!


No matter which of these trends you might be looking forward to most, or what your 2022 special event is, we’d be honored to chat with you about how some of these trends fit with your personal style and event vision. Let’s start planning together!

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