Picking The Perfect Wedding Cake For Your Dream Wedding In Greece

May 20, 2019 | BLOG

There are truly so many details that go into creating wedding in Greece, like finding the perfect venue, choosing a trusted wedding planner, and deciding on your unique theme and decor. Once you’ve planned these ‘big pieces’, it’s on to the finer (and perhaps more fun) details. One of these, and in this case also yummy, details is your wedding cake!

Traditionally, wedding cakes are a symbol of good luck and well-being for the couple and their guests. Wedding cakes are often put on display for all to admire before the cake cutting ceremony takes place and for this reason they are an important part of the overall wedding day experience.There are so many varieties of wedding cakes and choosing one that tastes good and reflect the couple’s personality and style can be a challenge! Luckily we’re here to help you and have put together some tips to take into consideration when choosing a dream cake for your wedding in Greece!

First, think about the number of guests who will be attending your wedding. If you’re having a small wedding, it’s best to go with a one or two-tier cake, as opposed to a bigger wedding, which might need three-tiers or more; the number of tiers also of course depends on your budget. If you have a tight budget and a big wedding, you can consider ordering a single or two-tier cake for display and cutting ceremony, while a separate sheet cake (that’s still delicious) is served to your guests. If you want to eliminate the whole tier equation all-together, some couples choose to serve individual cupcakes, cake pops, eclairs, cookies, macaroons, or donuts! The ideas are endless…

Once you finalize roughly the number of guests and the size needed for your cake, think about flavors and designs. Look for inspiration on different wedding blogs or on sites like Pinterest and Instagram; we always find that bakeries that specialize in cakes have some of the best ideas out there. Ask your friends and family what they did for their cake, and then gather all your thoughts and think about the theme of your wedding, your colors, and where you’re getting married in Greece – all of these will give you the inspiration you need!

When you’re collecting different ideas for how you would like your wedding cake, try to narrow down your favorite details. What flavor would you like? Maybe a different flavor for each tier? There’s chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, buttercream, and even cookies and cream! Do you want flowers or greenery, or both? Maybe you don’t want flowers at all and would like chic gold-icing, cascading ribbons, or unicorn sprinkles! You’ll also want to think about how you’d like your cake displayed. Do you want it on a decorative cake stand or will you have a clear, tiered cake pop holder? And lastly, cake toppers are also quite popular; some couples choose something that is a representation of themselves, while others select something generic and simple. Once you’ve put together all your favorite details (be sure to have pictures too!), head out to find the perfect baker or leave it up to your expert wedding planner to make your dream wedding cake a reality for your wedding in Greece!

Greece is definitely a popular country for a destination wedding and there’s no shortage of amazing local bakers and bakeries who specialize in delicious and beautifully styled wedding cakes! Knowing who to pick to create your dream wedding cake can be daunting, but we’re here to help make this part of your experience enjoyable and easy. Just like you, we want to make your special day exceptional and memorable. We’ll help you arrange all the fun and fine details because we’re with you every step of the way!

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