How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Wedding In Greece

Oct 19, 2019 | BLOG

One of the most stressful aspects of planning your wedding in Greece is to find the perfect wedding dress to complement your unique personality and bridal style.

Whether you’re planning a grand ballroom affair or a simple beach ceremony on an idyllic Greek island, your gown is an extremely important investment; not only is it what will make you feel incredible that day, your wedding dress is part of what sets the tone for your wedding day as a whole. Since the options are overwhelming, we’ve put together some useful tips to help you relieve some pre-wedding anxiety and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience!


Do Some Research

Browse through bridal magazines, scroll through Instagram, explore on Pinterest and compile a visual file of what your dream wedding dress looks like. Look for commonalities and a connecting theme throughout your selections; you’re welcome to tell us about your ideas so that we can give you tips and thoughts about what dress would be best for your wedding in Greece.


Set A Budget

Figure out how much you are willing to spend and stick to your budget. Talking about numbers is always uncomfortable, but it will truly save you the disappointment of falling in love with a dress that you can’t afford. Also, don’t forget to budget for extra costs like tailoring and bridal accessories including a veil, jewelry, and shoes.


Shop Early!

Shopping for your wedding dress well in advance is a really wise thing to do! Most gowns take several months to be produced, and even once your dress is ready, you may still need more time to complete the alterations.


Know Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding dress should be in-line with the overall theme and style of your wedding. Will you have a casual, laid-back ceremony or will it be a more formal event? Also, when you’re browsing for a wedding gown, keep your venue and location in mind as it will definitely help you to focus your search. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help with the themes and plans for your wedding in Greece, then hiring a local wedding planner like MILI LO can really give you peace of mind.


Describe Your Dream Dress

Based on your unique bridal style, pick a few words to describe your perfect wedding dress. What vibe does it give? Is it simple and elegant, fairy and magical, or chic and bohemian? Knowing how to describe what you’d like will facilitate your shopping experience and help you have a stronger vision of how you want to look on your big day!


Bring Photos To Your Appointment

Creating a photo collage of the wedding dress styles you like best can be extremely helpful while shopping. Don’t forget to bring some photos of your venue to any appointments that you may have for your wedding dress trials. Seeing the venue ambiance can help you pick gowns that will be appropriate for the location.


Know What Fits You

While it’s easy to fall head over heels for that dress you saw online, are you sure that it flatters your silhouette? Mermaid, a-line, ballgown are just some of the many types of wedding dresses that can suit our varying shapes and sizes. Color, embellishments, and fabric also contribute to how you look and feel in your gown. Be sure to choose a dress that embraces your body type and makes you feel confident, and absolutely beautiful!


Take Your Time

Don’t rush into choosing a wedding dress too quickly – choosing the perfect gown is time-consuming. If you’re not sure about your choice, sleep on it for a couple nights. Don’t feel pressured or rushed into making a final decision. After all, good things take time!


Keep An Open Mind

Experimenting with different styles, colors and even untraditional lengths shouldn’t scare you. Be open to taking some professional advice and try on a wide range of dresses from hot bridal runway trends to old-time classics. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and express your inner fashionista!


Stay True To Yourself

The best wedding dress is the one that you ‘feel like you’ in. Regardless of other people’s expectations and even if a dress ticks-off all the right boxes, you should never let yourself be talked into purchasing a gown you’re not in love with. Listen to and be true to yourself.


Unlimited choices and varying prices can make finding the perfect dress for your wedding in Greece seem daunting! However, bear in mind that like many aspects of your wedding, all it takes is careful planning, consideration of your individual taste, and of course a hint of patience!

MILI LO is honored to stand alongside our couples for all of their life’s big events; we take pride in taking the time to get to know our clients and their individual needs.

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