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An Intimate Marriage Proposal in Athens City

Ray was planning to propose to his girlfriend Marina, a while now. Having been in a long distant relationship for over a year, with Marina living in Athens and Ray across the globe in California, an event coordinator was absolutely necessary to design and plan this special occasion for them. Having planned a spa escape trip for themselves in Pelion, where they would spend some real quality time together – off the grid from everyday life, we were approached to create this sweet and special surprise during their overnight stay in Athens prior to their trip, so they could have an extra reason to celebrate each other’s love during their romantic retreat.

As Ray expressed to us, Marina would definitely like something totally private, personal and romantic without venturing out too far, so without hesitation, an incredible rooftop terrace private suite overlooking wonderful views of Athens city which we recommended, was booked in order for him to propose at, in the comfort and luxury of their own space. This intimate idea is something that would express Ray’s thoughtfulness and would certainly tick Marina’s boxes.

Listening and learning about our couple’s personality & style and getting to know them on a personal level is something we really look forward to, as a big part of the fun in designing and planning, is bringing these out in their special event. The personal style and aesthetics in the details is what makes us who we are and how strong our love for our partner is. There is no other way of showing it to our significant other than going the extra mile to make everything special and memorable for them and putting their partner’s desires over their own. Ray went the extra mile and by this, I mean, we arranged everything to fit Marina’s expectations.

The idea would be that as the couple enter the private suite, a wall of ribbons would hang in front of them, from attached balloons, pegged with individual colored, handwritten love-notes and folded in heart-shaped origami designs. Marina would walk through this ‘curtain’ glancing at the love notes whilst trying to comprehend what’s going on, before approaching the further decorated suite!

Dim lighting and scattered led candles in the suite’s perimeter, together with the fairy lights which she would go crazy over, set an amazingly romantic ambience which was perfect to set the mood.

The queen size bed was thoughtfully presented with numerous colored folded paper-seeded butterflies carefully laid in a form of a large heart, looking as though they would come alive and fly around the room. Each color presented a different kind of plant and so Marina could eventually plant these creative butterflies in her garden and watch them bloom, together with their love. This idea came from the thought that Marina is not a fan of cut flowers but instead, their lust for life! We joined this idea with one of her favorite decorative concepts – butterflies, which are ever so dreamy and lovable!

Above the bed, hung garlands of fairy lights, attached with a series of memorable pictured photographs taken from the couple’s travels.
Strong scents came from an assortment of fresh Hyacinth flowers in shades of mauve and pink, lavender pots in combination with bright blue Muscari flowers which were placed in chic farm-style baskets in various spots around the suite, in a blend of (Marina’s favorite), Ylang Ylang essential oil incense, to release a scent of relaxation and tranquility.

As the couple would walk onto the private terrace overlooking Athens city at dusk, lit candle jars would glow in a heart shape where the two of them would stand inside, before the big question would follow! Beside the heart-of-candles – a hot tub filled with candlelit floating candles for them to spend the evening.

A lovely dinner table with Marina’s ‘modern minimalism’ taste and ‘farm girl’ style was set up with minimalistic, earth color stone dinnerware and simple, sleek glassware. Combined with a playful flair of strong sense of color in the floral centerpiece, runner & napkins and candlesticks in her favorite tones – indigo, lilac, mauve and rose pink, which ran the show. Custom made menu cards were printed and decorated in the chosen theme that contributed to the final touches to the table setting. A lovely, decorated buffet for a vegan Italian night was prepared and set up for a complete dolce vita dinner, accompanied with some local wine to celebrate this memorable day!

It was such a wonderful experience organizing everything for Ray and his true love, and for making this day a truly unforgettable one for them. Wishing them an amazing journey in their new life together! 


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