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A Vibrant Caldera Proposal in Santorini

Darshil, from Canada reached out to us to plan his dream wedding proposal in early summer of 2022 on the stunning island of Santorini. He expressed he was not interested in a ‘basic package’ (which we were thrilled about!).

He always envisioned his girlfriend Heta wearing a long elegant red dress and blindfolded, and a black tailor made suit for himself and we weren’t going to get in the way of this man’s dreams! The idea sounded wonderful and what we proposed to Darshil next was picture perfect.

We suggested the idea of hiring a flying dress which would be utterly unique but at the same time, elevate the Proposal to another level. Darshil was stoked with the idea!

After answering a list of questions we sent him, we got the full vision of what the Proposal would look like. He asked for vibrant colors, classy with a modern touch and so we got to work right away – suggesting various creative ideas which would meet his needs and desires. After repeatedly expressing he fully trusts us, he left all the designing process to us to take care of and let us surprise him on the day of the event!

We brought it all to life by decorating a gazebo with modern floral arrangements in hues of red, pinks, salmon and coral combined with natural pampas, bunny tails and natural palms. These bright colors would harmonize with the red dress whilst giving the setting a modern feel. We lit up the gazebo with industrial light bulbs hanging asymmetrically as they softly swayed with the summer breeze. In the center, we placed a white round table with a couple of dainty metallic chairs. This would create a classy and dreamy setting with a wonderful contrast to the vibrant floral décor and the blue sea.

The day finally arrived and we arranged a one- hour photo and video shoot for the couple along the caldera with the perfect blue backdrop of Santorini – white alleyways, white washed houses, blue dome chapels and endless blue sea across the horizon. Soon after, Darshil would prepare Heta for the ‘second’ shoot with the red dress.

What happens next was out of a novelty book. The couple slowly entered the venue with Heta blindfolded; soft romantic music which Darshil had picked. The flying dress which has a tail of 3 meters was lightly flowing behind them with the gentle breeze.

The couple were living in a fairy tale. Heta was blown away with everything, their happiness was electric, they popped their champagne and celebrate until the sun set before them, overlooking the mesmerizing views and enjoying each other’s company. It was a dream come true!

Congratulations to our happy couple! Wishing them a beautiful future filled with happiness, love and exciting moments!


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