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A Special Surprise Wedding Proposal In Santorini

Blake was preparing his engagement for months, before getting in touch with us to design and plan a very special and memorable wedding proposal for the love of his life, Catherine. He envisioned something more unique than just a romantic dinner on a private terrace with his girlfriend blindfolded, which in many cases gives the surprise away at that actual moment. Blake was over the moon with excitement and eager to listen to our creative ideas for this big day.

The plans were for the couple to travel from Florida mid-April with their friends together with Catherine’s family to ‘celebrate a big birthday’ when instead an even bigger surprise was awaiting Catherine to be celebrated! Blake was so enthusiastic right from the very beginning and his happiness and excitement was contagious – it got our whole team gleaming with happiness for this dream proposal in Santorini! We can’t get enough of these genuine love stories and whole heartedly love surprises!

Listening and learning about our couple’s personality and style, as well as getting to know them on a personal level is one thing we really enjoy about our work; it’s actually a big part of the fun in what we do and brings out the unique details of all of our special events. The personal style and aesthetics in the details is what makes us who we are and shows how strong our love for our partner is. There is no other way than evidently showing this from every move and decision our client makes to ensure that this day will be truly special and cherished for a lifetime. None of this would be possible without them putting their partner’s desires over their own. Blake exceeded all of Catherine’s expectations and dreams to show his true love for her, in every detail.

Blake expressed to us how much Catherine loves pink, glitter and that she is very fairytale-esque; he was hoping to find a romantic, secluded spot that would not be busy with tourists and that a killer Santorini view. We put ourselves in his shoes and imagined what Catherine would consider romantic, dreamy and fairytale-esque, and the idea hit us! We all know that horses give a sense of dreams and fairytales, especially when your prince charming is riding his horse beside you, with wind in his hair, and you’re alone, surrounded by wild daisies and poppies on a spring afternoon, overlooking the horizon and magnificent caldera of Santorini. The idea sounded incredible and made us all say ‘wow’! We decided this would be the first part of the surprise, which would all be set up as a disguise for Catherine.

The romantic horse ride would be the beginning of Catherine’s fairytale. As their horse ride tour would come to an end atop the cliff, surrounded by natural beauty, to her surprise, she would be cheered by her friends and family. A decision well made, as he knew it would make Catherine feel so special to have everyone present and a part of this cherished moment. They would be secretly waiting to witness the special moment, the moment Blake had been so anxiously awaiting for months!

A pink and dreamy picnic would be set up for Catherine. Modern, low tables covered with sequins, a variety of fluffy cushions, beautiful roses, champagne and macarons – all in Catherine’s favorite color palette – pink! Not to mention a wonderful arch beautifully decorated with pink fairytale drapes, and a blossoming floral arrangement of pink, fuchsia and coral hued roses. This is the spot where Blake would kneel down on one knee and ask the love of his life to marry him, as he did, Catherine yelled ‘Yes!’, the fountain fireworks went off and he swung her around in the glowing air into his arms amidst the sparkles.

The newly-engaged couple together with their friends and family celebrated this incredible evening, by popping the champagne and taking endless photos overlooking the caldera with its magical sunset. Smiles, hugs and laughs brought a wonderful feeling of love to the air! Soon after, they would all go for dinner to continue their epic celebration!

Find out what Blake’s final sweet surprise was for Catherine!

This was an incredible experience and one that Catherine will remember and cherish a whole lifetime! This was such an exciting event for us and we enjoyed every minute of planning it! Congratulations to Blake and Catherina and their new fairytale beginning!


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