How Floral Design Makes A Difference At Any Event

Mar 9, 2021 | BLOG

​Let’s take a moment to imagine how life would be without flowers. Oh so dull and colorless – like something’s missing. This is exactly how a special event feels when we underestimate the importance of floral design.

From weddings and baptisms to private dinners and luxury parties, flower arrangements are the simplest yet most important decorative element of any special occasion. They bring the peacefulness of nature from the outside in, in the most warm and welcoming manner, creating a magical ambiance that surely soothes and wow’s our guests.



The Importance Of Flowers At Any Event


First of all, flowers are a wonderful way of decorating your event space and setting an idyllic atmosphere. They can make your venue appear more polished and add interest to any space. Their size, color, shape, and particularly their arrangement and position within the venue can set the whole tone of your event while using seasonal flowers can add a touch of freshness and make your event much more lively.

It’s no secret that flowers can immensely affect your emotions too. They evoke feelings of pure happiness, cheer, joy, and positivity and they can also trigger memories, thus making any event unforgettable! Last but not least, there is no better way of welcoming your event guests than having flowers at your venue. Beautiful and elaborate floral arrangements are a sure-fire way to make your guests feel special and genuinely valued, as they show the effort and thought you put into designing a unique celebration.



How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Next Event


Before selecting the flowers that will compliment your moments of happiness, the most important thing you have to start with is to do your flower homework! Flowers speak, and they always have a lot to say; they hold special symbolism that is important to take into consideration. Some examples include, white flowers that symbolize purity, yellow flowers that are symbols of glory and success, while red flowers are statements of love and passion. Carnations symbolize affection, gardenias represent gentleness, and daisies epitomize innocence. See how there are endless options to explore!?

Once you find something that speaks to your heart and truly matches your personality and style, it’s time to consider certain things such as the venue, color theme, and tone of the event. Keep in mind that not every flower type matches the overall style of your event. For example, if there are already natural blooms around your venue, you may need fewer floral arrangements; or if you’re throwing a birthday party, dark-colored blooms are not a great choice. Of course, our team has excellent knowledge in floral design and can facilitate immensely in the decision process – we’ll make sure that you make the ideal choice for your special event.



Top Floral Trends In 2021


#1 Illuminating Yellow Color

Named the color of the year for 2021, illuminating yellow is a must when it comes to floral arrangements. It immediately brightens the spirit and is an ideal mood-maker. There are so many yellow flowers to choose from! Yellow dahlias and begonias are perfect for an elegant and formal event, while sunflowers and craspedia beautifully accentuate a more relaxed and informal event.


#2 Hanging Florals & Backdrops

As the micro wedding trend is on the rise, don’t let the word fool you, as large impressive floral centrepieces are still very in. Delicate floral arrangements hanging from ceilings and impactful floral backdrops are ideal for intimate events, as laid-back yet exclusive ceremonies are becoming more and more popular.


#3 Mystic Tones

Dark mystic tones will be a big hit this spring and they are the perfect way to add a ‘touch of drama’ to your next event.


#4 Dry Flowers

The mega-trend “naturalness” has seen a grand comeback celebrating dried flowers. Dried flowers incorporated with fresh flowers or even completely dried arrangements, such as wreaths, can complement any theme, especially rustic or boho.


#5 Stylish Accessories

For true flower lovers, it takes more than just nice flowers to make an impression and so the container should be great as well! You can consider wood and leather with designs influenced by Indian and African cultures, as well as wicker and rattan for added charm.



Of course we absolutely love selecting and inspiring floral designs that make the perfect statement, and complement who you are. We’d love to hear from you and begin planning your next evet, tending meticulously to every little detail – that’s where the difference lies doesn’t it?

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