Why Hire A Wedding Planner, If You Have A Venue Coordinator?

Jul 19, 2019 | BLOG

As a bride or groom to be, and especially when planning a destination wedding in Greece, you will likely hear the term ‘wedding planner’ and ‘venue coordinator’ many times when wedding planning. Although the two terms may sound similar, there are some substantial differences between them, and it’s important to know the differences between these two types of planning services in order to avoid unnecessary confusion and (a whole lot) of frustration. One of the most common mistakes couples can make is to assume that if your wedding venue offers an on-site coordinator, that there will be no need for the services of a wedding planner; but you should know that a coordinator and a planner do not perform the same functions and definitely do not provide the same level of service.

First of all, the venue coordinator’s responsibilities pertain mainly to the venue itself; this means that a venue coordinator will show you around the venue, ensure that on-site food and drinks are served to your liking, and make sure that you properly receive all the services you have requested and paid for. Essentially their main task is to honor your contract with the venue, ensure that you adhere to the contract guidelines, and safeguard that no outside vendors break the venue’s ‘rules and procedures’. Essentially a venue coordinator’s involvement in the actual planning of your wedding in Greece is limited.

Wedding Planner VS Venue Coordinator – Which Is Better?

It is often assumed that a venue coordinator can act as a general overseer of your wedding event; however, this is not the case. As mentioned, their priority (at all times) is managing the venue. Unlike a professional wedding planner who is responsible for running your entire wedding event, a venue coordinator will not set up the decor, liaise between you and your third-party vendors, assist you with your hair and make-up or help you manage your budget. They may suggest suppliers or handle the timeline in regards to services that the venue explicitly provides, but they won’t be able to arrange all the details and tend to your every need like a wedding planner has been trained and certified to do; venue coordinators are not obliged to make sure that everything is happening according to schedule or to help you with unforeseen issues and (very common) last-minute event emergencies.

Another major difference is that the venue coordinator works for the venue, not for you. Contrary to a wedding planner, you don’t get to choose the venue coordinator and of course, you don’t get to build a strong relationship with them. Moreover, the venue coordinator will most probably have multiple clients on the same day, so they won’t be able to focus solely on you. As a result, they won’t be easily accessible or available to assist you whenever you need. On the other hand, a wedding planner works endlessly in order to create an intimate relationship with you, understand your vision and make your dream come true. A good wedding planner will become your support network and more importantly your local friend, who will be by your side to guide you through the entire planning process, relieve your stress, and deal with every aspect of your wedding event in Greece!

It is important to mention that a venue coordinator is still helpful in the event planning process as they ensure that anything venue-related is handled responsibly. At MILI LO we work in close collaboration with our venues and their coordinators so that the result is perfectly planned and smoothly executed.

There is no limit to what a wedding planner can do for you!

Understanding the overall responsibilities of a venue coordinator versus those of a wedding planner is essential in order to avoid unmet expectations and upset. If you’d like to experience the ultimate wedding experience in Greece, including the selection of your wedding photographer, deciding on your invitations, choosing your decor and color palette, or attending outside vendor meetings, then you will definitely need the help of a personal wedding planner.

We’d be honored to be your local wedding planner in Greece – get in touch and let’s chat about your dream day!

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