Why Consider Eloping For Your Wedding

Dec 10, 2020 | BLOG

You’re engaged, how exciting! Now, before you jump into planning that grand wedding you’ve been dreaming about, take a minute and think if a big event is really the right fit for you. Maybe you prefer a more intimate affair and want your special day to be focused on just you and your partner? If so, then you should definitely consider an elopement wedding!

So what exactly is an elopement wedding? This phrase may sound like a contradiction to most. Weddings are typically large celebrations that require many time-consuming preparations, while eloping is thought of as a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, right? Well, not necessarily. The beauty of an elopement wedding lies in blending both traditional and unconventional elements and, nowadays, more and more couples are doing it. Essentially, an elopement wedding means that you celebrate your big day in a more minimalist, casual, and relaxed fashion, with very few guests (if any at all) and so much more magic!

With that said, here are our top reasons to consider planning an elopement wedding:


#1 Guaranteed Intimacy

First of all, elopement weddings take off the pressure and stress of planning an extravagant, (more conventional) wedding and provide you and your other half with the opportunity to experience a totally authentic and meaningful wedding celebration. Often, the cookie-cutter traditions that come with a big wedding don’t speak to who you really are, but an elopement wedding can emphasize your true self. There’s something purely liberating about being just you and your partner committing your lives to each other – no bells and whistles, just two people sharing their love.


#2 Smaller Guest List

The more the merrier they say, right? Well, not always! Weddings with an extensive guest list are much more stressful and sometimes even totally overwhelming. Think about all the unnecessary family drama that seems to always come up at traditional weddings, for example. Conflicts between guests, judgmental comments – why put yourself through that? An elopement wedding gives you the opportunity to invite only your closest ones, the ones you truly want to be there with you.


#3 Lower Overall Cost

Big scale weddings usually cost a lot and that’s understandable when you think about all the details that go into them. Invitations, decor, venue, food – all these things can get extremely pricey. On the other hand, elopement weddings are an affordable alternative for the couple. With few to no guests at all, it’s a lot easier to get your budget under control and, why not, save money for your honeymoon too!


#4 More Venue Variety

Having an elopement wedding gives you endless options as to where to hold your ceremony. Elopements can happen in nature, at someone’s residence, or in a historic location; and Greece is full of magnificent spots to consider hosting your special occasion. Did you want to exchange your vows while gazing at the magical sunset in Santorini? Or maybe you were hoping to say your I-do’s somewhere along the narrow cobblestone streets of Paros? With an elopement, the destination can be anywhere you want it, from an iconic windmill in cosmopolitan Mykonos to an archaeological site in historic Athens.


#5 Amazing Photos

People tend to think that couples who elope don’t care much out of the whole wedding experience. That is so not the reality. Actually, they care so much that they want their big day to be as special and unique as it can be. They want to be their most authentic selves on their wedding day and their photos always capture exactly that! Most wedding photos are posed and ‘put on’, but when you elope, the expectation is to be the real you. That’s why elopement photography captures genuine, real, spontaneous moments that will be forever cherished.



More and more couples choose the freedom and intimacy of an elopement over a conventional, formal wedding. If you and your partner want to go against the status quo, differentiate yourselves from the others, escape the routine, and experience a true adventure, then eloping is the right choice for you. Let’s get your adventure started here!

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