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Pick Your Ring In Greece An Engagement Story


It was a gorgeous day in Athens when a handsome gentleman came to our office asking for help to pick an engagement ring for his fiance!

Niko had decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend Laura and since she was visiting family in the United States, and he’d be leaving soon to go meet her family too, he thought that is was perfect timing to pick an engagement ring to surprise her, but Niko didn’t quite know what he was looking for; remembering that we specialize in all aspects of planning an engagement, he thought to seek out our help. At MILI LO, we know that looking for the perfect engagement ring is part of the whole experience of proposing and can, in many cases, be just as important as the engagement itself!

Following an initial consultation with Niko, where we got to know what he and his fiance likes, we set a date to go ring shopping! We met Niko one fine sunny morning in Athens and over coffee and brunch we talked about where we would be headed to find a unique engagement ring for Laura. Niko knew that Laura didn’t want just any engagement ring, it had to be special and it had to be anything other than the classic single diamond. At MILI LO we’re locals in Greece and know the best jewelry spots – so off we went ring shopping in Athens!

First we headed to some of the city’s higher-end stores in the neighborhood of Kolonaki and in-and-around Syntagma Square. We made sure to stop-in at various shops to see lots of options and what was on offer in the way of different stones, shapes, designs, and choices of gold or platinum. The jewelry designers were so accommodating, opening their safe boxes and jewelry cases to show us all sorts of different ring designs. Not only did we feel welcome everywhere we went, we truly felt like royals trying on such beautiful rings.

Having walked much of central Athens, we took a break to enjoy a traditional Greek lunch at one of our favorite Athens’ restaurants. We talked about all the wonderful jewelry we saw, and considered all of our options. Despite having seen beautiful rings, Niko was still not settled with what he’d seen; he knew that he wanted something truly unique. So after lunch we took Niko to one of our ‘closed to the public’ jewelry workshops – here we were able to go ‘behind the scenes’ and see the pre-design process of creating handmade jewelry. It was really incredible to get a close-up of the designers at work!

Niko knew that this was the spot – this was where he could create something truly unique for Laura’s engagement ring. Now there was still the issue of choosing the right stone, so we took Niko to another local find that we know has excellent quality unset stones. After seeing a collection of various stones, Niko picked out the most beautiful light blue sapphire in the shape of a droplet, as well as some small diamonds to accent – for him this stone was truly unique and also symbolized Laura’s love of the sea.

So we purchased the stone and headed back to the workshop to have one of the designers set the perfect ring. The jewelers here also confirmed that Niko had indeed picked out a stunning sapphire and diamonds. The designer then started to move the stones around, coming up with different designs until Nick said ‘oh my that’s absolutely perfect!’ Sometimes you don’t know what you will love until you actually see it!

Niko was thrilled and we couldn’t have been happier to be part of this very important engagement process – picking a unique engagement ring that was a reflection of a lifetime of love and one that would suit Laura’s lifestyle and personality perfectly. The final ring design was a platinum band with the blue sapphire displayed in the middle with seven lucky diamonds on each side. We had so much fun ring shopping with Niko in Athens, not only did we have a wonderful experience discovering the city, we picked the perfect engagement ring for Laura.

At MILI LO, we know that every detail matters, and we’re here to help make your experience in Greece memorable and unique. If you’re looking for a special gift or a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, just like what Niko designed for Laura, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be delighted to take you to all of our favorite jewelry shops in Athens.


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