Newborn & Monthly Anniversary Photo Shoot Sessions

Nov 16, 2020 | BLOG

Bringing a new baby into the family is one of life’s most wonderful moments! The newborn days are so precious, yet so fleeting. Children grow up so fast and before you realize it they are old enough to borrow your car. Scary, isn’t it? That’s why it’s important to capture all the sweet details of our new baby while they are still little. And what better way than with a newborn photo session!

At first look, newborn baby shoots seem simple enough, but there are many different aspects to consider when planning one. First of all, you have to ensure the baby’s well being and overall comfort – safety is key. Then, you have to decide on the theme, the baby’s clothing, set the room temperature, choose the right lighting, and many more fine details like these. All of these are important factors for a successful shoot, but by far the most important detail is that a professional photographer with newborn portraiture experience is hired.

Many parents ask us when is the right time to plan a newborn baby shoot. Typically, newborn photo shoots take place five to twelve days after giving birth, meaning that ideally parents should schedule the photoshoot during the second or early third-trimester of the pregnancy in order to ensure getting on the photographer’s calendar.

And why so early you may wonder? It’s all about the overwhelming emotions at this point. Photography’s main goal is to capture emotions and these fresh emotions, when you have just come home with a new tiny human being, are wonderfully real and unique. Apart from that, babies less than two weeks old sleep deeper and love to be curled up, meaning you will have the chance to photograph your baby in the most adorably curly positions and perfectly capture their sweet existence.

Another dilemma is whether you should include other people in the shoot or let the newborn be the main focus. Our opinion is that you should definitely include yourselves – even if mom still hasn’t lost her pregnancy weight – as well as other siblings. This will make your older children feel special and involved and will make the photo shoot much more memorable – a priceless treasure for your baby as he or she grows up. And if the grandparents want to join, why not! Bringing them into the photo shoot will make this event pure gold and a great photo frame too!

So, where does MILI LO come in? During those first days of being new parents, with all these responsibilities you have to handle, it can be challenging to think – let alone plan – one extra, not necessarily urgent task. No matter how enthusiastic you may be about the photo shoot, having a newborn leaves you with no time at all. And that’s when you need an event planner’s expertise to take care of all the details so that all you have to do is show up at the right time.

As event designers and concept enthusiasts, we will use all of our imagination and creativity to plan an incredible concept for you, one that uniquely matches your personality. We will opt for the perfect color scheme that best suits the season and your baby’s colors and we will decorate the shooting setting exactly as you’ve imagined it. Think balloons, hanging garlands, cute stuffed animals, starry night with twinkling lights, a small suitcase if you want to add a vintage, retro touch, a hot air balloon basket, and of course the list goes on.

If you love this first photo shoot and don’t want the fun to end there, you can pick a monthly anniversary shoot, which has become very popular and essentially means taking a photo of your baby every month for their first twelve months. In this case, we can decide on a specific concept and just play around with the props without repeating the same idea. For example, if you pick stuffed animals, we can add an extra teddy bear each month and have a teddy tea party by the end.

The cutest newborn or “month by month” pictures are the ones that have some kind of backdrop, staging, or set up. We work with top photographers with newborn expertise to ensure a stunning result – a series of adorable photos that you’ll love looking back on, forever, either in a custom design photo album or even hung on one of your home walls!

Get in touch with us and we can discuss all the little details for the most amazing (and fun!) newborn photo shoot session.

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