Event Planning In Greece Amid The Coronavirus

Mar 24, 2020 | BLOG

When planning a big event, there’s undoubtedly a lot to think about – no matter where the event date falls on the calendar. Yet, if it happens to be amid the coronavirus outbreak, you might be stressing (that much more than usual) and wondering what you should do and how to prepare for the potential that your plans will be affected.

These are unprecedented times and whether you’re finalizing a destination wedding, looking ahead to your child’s baptism or organizing a corporate party you should take a step back, relax, and consider adjusting your plans. We understand that this may be a challenge for you, however, you should know that experienced event planners are very familiar with developing contingency plans. At MILI LO we are always 100% beside our guests in order to help them with their every need, including postponing and rescheduling important life events.

If you’re trying to manage your stress, here are a couple simple things to help you through the process of what to do next.


Speak With Your Vendors

Your vendors are professionals and they can provide guidance on the next steps, as well as let you know what alternative options might exist. Review all your vendor contracts thoroughly so that you are informed, and then schedule online meetings with them as soon as possible to discuss the details.

In order to have a fruitful conversation with them, remember to be flexible and approach the situation calmly. Explore all the alternatives and instead of immediately canceling your event, talk to your vendors about the potential of postponing the date. Let them know that your goal is still to keep the plans as they were and just shift the date – this will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Of course, if you are working with a local event planner, then these details are handled by them on your behalf.


Inform Your Guests

No matter what you eventually decide, your guests need to be in the know. If you are postponing the event, the easiest and most effective way to relay your message is via your event website; other communication options include email and telephone calls. If you were planning a destination event, this means your guests have already made plans to be there, including perhaps renting hotel rooms, buying flight tickets, etc. In this case, you want to take the burden off of them, so if the hotel was part of a group rate that was priorly negotiated then we recommend reaching out to the hotel to request a full or partial refund on behalf of your guests. At the time this blog was created, all non-essential flights entering Greece have been banned by law and thus you should be entitled to a full refund.


Postpone Or Prepare For A Bare Minimum Of Guests

A destination event in Greece is not currently possible during the current Coronavirus measures enforced by law, but depending on your location you may still be able to host a very small and intimate event. Although we would encourage you to postpone your event in Greece to a later date, should you choose to host an event in your home country, remember that it is wise for people not to congregate in large groups; consider making arrangements for only the individuals absolutely necessary for the event to take place. We urge you to take matters seriously and consider postponing your event. Coming to grips with the reality of the global situation is difficult, but step back, take a deep breath and remember that life’s special moments can happen just a little bit later.


We understand that the Coronavirus outbreak is a fluid, rapidly changing situation but with some flexibility, patience, and a little compromise, your wonderfully unique event can still take place – at a later date.

Once you’re ready to begin planning your event, we’ll be here for you! Get in touch with us anytime and we will help make your event in Greece a dream come true!


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