Rong & Sibel


A Boho Chic Wedding Proposal In Santorini

Event season officially began with Rong’s long overdue wedding proposal in Santorini this May! He intended to propose 8 months ago, with the same concept, on the island of Santorini, but last minute his big plans changed due to the Pandemic. Little did we know that we would have a second chance to design and plan his beautiful surprise to his other half- Sibel, and the amazing opportunity to meet them both!

Rong knew Sibel inside out as to what style, colors and textures she loves. Her likes, her dislikes, her favorite flavors and a few concepts she craves to experience!

When Rong expressed her elegant style and aesthetics, we visualized the very classy boho style and immediately knew it would all be everything she wanted and the end result would be absolutely gorgeous – it is a personal favorite style of ours too!

Pampas grass (tick), bunny ears (tick), pastel roses and astilbe (tick), neutral colored pompom cushions and mat (tick), green palm tree cushions (tick), wicker baskets and rattan stools (tick)!

After a very smooth and fun designing and planning process of 8 months which felt only like a few weeks, the big day finally arrived. None of us could believe that the proposal day was actually here! We were filled with excitement and we counted the hours to execute this amazing proposal.

The proposal day accumulated of various activities throughout the day so Sibel felt super special and tricked! From a walk around OIa town, to walk down to Ammoudi beach, a private horse-riding tour in the old picturesque village of Megalochori and along the caldera cliffside, a beautiful picnic set up on the caldera cliffside at sunset for the big moment, followed by sparkling wine and a romantic dinner in a terrace restaurant with panoramic views for the evening. A perfect end to his incredible adventurous day!

At the end of the horse ride, Rong blindfolded Sibel before leading her to the proposal picnic spot. As they arrive, he unfolds her eyes, she is stunned by what is going on and the next moment we know, they are holding hands, he is giving the speech of his life and he then kneels down on one knee and proposes to her on the edge of the caldera with amazing views and hues in the sky. Fountain fireworks go off! Cameras shooting the magnificent moment. A personal gift from Rong – a photo album he created with all their photographs! A video shoot takes place capturing all their emotions and then clinging their flute glasses with some bubbly to celebrate in style!

Both are so in love and happy and for us, it was an absolute honor designing and planning Rong’s wedding proposal. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat! It was a true pleasure working with him and meeting these two incredible people! Wishing them both nothing but endless love and happiness!


Note from Rong 30 emails back!
I have to compliment you on this way – it seems to me as if you put yourself in the shoes of a person very well and can recognize the thoughts that he/she has very well, because you answered me all the questions/thoughts that I have in mind right away. Either it is your experience or you simply have a talent for it – please always keep it, because that is what gives us total safe feeling in the course of the entire planning! Thank you Emily!


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