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A Blissful Proposal In Santorini

Ion, a Greek student living in Sweden, travelled across Europe to propose to the love of his life, Aylin, on the stunning island of Santorini.

He booked the best room, the Honeymoon Suite in Dana Villas & Infinity suites which simply took our breath away from the moment we started planning his proposal as it is known for its large and incredible private Jacuzzis.
During his trip in Greece, Ion realized he needed a professional approach to help pull off his special day with no suspicion. This is where we stepped in and worked our magic with our expertise, to create a truly romantic event.

Ion’s idea was to enjoy the Honeymoon Suite as much as possible as they were only staying in this room for the special evening. He envisioned his suite inside together with his private terrace outside to be surrounded by candles and decorated beautifully in Aylin’s favorite color – orange.

As we would be decorating a bed, we couldn’t resist the cliché but incredibly romantic idea of creating a large heart out of fresh rose petals. That’s exactly what we did and the peachy orange color really gave it a soft and elegant feel to the setting. Flower arrangements in various shades and orange hues were a must and of course, scattered jar candles simply to complete the whole setting, giving a warm ambience. The balcony was filled with jar candles, just as Ion requested – cozy and authentic. Flower arrangements were placed to add a fresh fragrance and color and champagne accompanied by scrumptious macarons for the couple to celebrate in pure luxury!

As the couple arrived, they were both in awe. Ion pulled out a ticket-like piece of paper which read: ‘A day full of….Yesses’. Aylin had given him a similar paper on Valentines day, filling in the last word with her own message. This time, Ion returned it with his – something we found really unique and sweet! She melted and he immediately went down on one knee to pop the big question. Without hesitation, Aylin said ‘yes!’ and both hugged for an eternity. The rest is history…

It was a gorgeous evening with a soft breeze that made it a truly magical night. Both Ion and Aylin were such a wonderful, humble, fun and sweet couple. We truly hope they return to wonderful Greece to host their wedding!


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