Planning A Gender Reveal Party In Greece

Mar 3, 2020 | BLOG

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl! There is something magical about this moment and getting your friends and family together is the best way to celebrate it.

Gender reveal parties are more popular than ever before but hosting one is not as easy as you might think. Who should you invite? How do you reveal the baby’s gender? What is the perfect theme? Many people have no idea where to start and we’re here to help you answer all these questions and explain everything you need to know about throwing the ultimate gender reveal party in Greece!

You may be wondering however: “Do I really need an event planner for a gender reveal party?” Well, if you wish for your party to be extra special and creative and you want to explore out of the box ideas that don’t include total pink or blue decorations, we can definitely help you with that!  Hiring an event planner means that you won’t have to worry about anything other than having a great time! We will make sure that everything goes smoothly and exactly as you envisioned it!

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to throw the perfect gender reveal party!


#1 Schedule An Ultrasound

First things first, in order to throw a gender reveal party you need to determine the biological sex of your baby. Schedule an ultrasound at around 18 or 20 weeks into the pregnancy (that’s when most parents are able to find out the baby’s gender) and during the appointment make sure to tell the doctor that you don’t want to know the sex of the baby so that you won’t see any clear shots of the genitals. Ask your doctor to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it inside an envelope, so there’s no chance to catch a glimpse and ruin the element of surprise! Your event planner shall take over from there!


#2 Pick Your Guest List And Set The Date

Before you start planning your gender reveal party, you’ll want to think about who you want to share this moment with. Some couples opt for just family and a few close friends while others want a huge bash with distant relatives and coworkers. Keep in mind that creating your guest list will determine a lot moving forward. For instance, if you want a large guest list and are more likely to host a formal party, your event planner may need to pick a venue with more space, while limiting your guest list to close family and friends gives you the opportunity to plan a more intimate and laid-back party.

As with most important parties, invitations should be sent 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Electronic invites work as well, especially if you have decided to keep the party a close affair between friends. One more thing to remember to include is a brief explanation of what a gender reveal party is – it’s a new trend and not everyone knows what to expect!


#3 Decide On The Theme

“Pink and Blue” is the most popular theme when it comes to gender reveal parties. If you opt for this then pick things like pink and blue cocktails or separate your guests into pink and blue and have competitions between team pink and team blue. You can either keep it simple and create a theme around pink and blue or you can be a little more creative. For example, some people have a “What will it bee?” theme where bees are incorporated into the party or you can have a “Baby Gender Reveal Bowl” – kind of like a Super Bowl – and incorporate sports themes into the event. This is your party so try to be unique and plan a theme around something you love to do! The options are endless, and your event planner can come up with the most unique and cute ideas!


#4 Pick A Way To Reveal The Gender

The entire point of gender reveal parties is to work your way up to the big moment when the baby’s sex is revealed. There are numerous ways to do it and here are some of the most popular options:

Having a pinata or some balloons filled with colorful confetti (based on the gender of the baby). This is a very fun way to do the revelation, especially if there are kids among your guests!

What is a party without a cake? A custom design cake or cupcakes with a neutral-colored frosting outside and a pink or blue filling, and voila, you will find out the baby’s sex in the most delicious way!

For a theatrical revelation, gather your guests in an open outdoor space. Have someone let loose a smoke bomb in pink or blue, and you’ve just added a definite WOW factor to your party!

A lot of couples love the idea of a gender reveal firework display and we’ll admit, it certainly adds a dramatic flair. Day or night fireworks are always impressive!

A blue or pink baby outfit wrapped up in layers and layers of gift wrap. A helper will play music as guests pass the gift, stopping the music every so often. When the music stops, the person holding the package can unwrap one layer and eventually the gender will be revealed!


#5 Let The Guests Get Involved

A good gender reveal party starts with a fun guessing game for guests! Asking your guests to guess the gender of the baby as they walk in and offering them a blue or pink cocktail based on their answer. You can also have them write their guesses on a piece of paper and after the revelation give a prize to everyone who guessed right! If you want to be extra creative you can plan a “Wear Your Guess” theme where guests wear pink or blue! Lastly, you can also have people guess your favorite boy and girl names from a list! Your event planner can offer many more creative ideas for the guessing game!

Once the gender is revealed, ask your guests to write down their hopes, predictions, and advice for your baby, and then seal the notes in a box. This box makes a great gift for your child on his or her 16th birthday! This is a personal favorite!


#6 Pick Food & Beverages

Typically, a meal doesn’t have to be served at a gender reveal party because these parties are not typically that long. However, having snacks, appetizers, and desserts out for your guests is always a good idea, especially if they are personalized and meet your party’s theme. Another important aspect are the beverages chosen. Pink or blue-themed cocktails, pink spritzers, rose wine, blue cans of beer can be offered or anything else you want! Building themed alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks is easy in general – food coloring can be added to just about any beverage.


#7 Document The Event

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer for the event is a surefire way to make a great post-event photo album or video. An alternative idea would be to grab a Polaroid and have guests write well wishes for the baby on the back of the Polaroid shots as they come out of the camera. Another great idea is to record video messages of your friends welcoming the new baby into the family!



These are just a few ideas we have shared with you for a creative and memorable gender reveal party in Greece. We look forward to hearing from you to start planning your special event!



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