Things To Do In Santorini While On A 3-Day Weekend Wedding

Apr 30, 2019 | BLOG

Is your wedding in Santorini approaching? Or are you attending a wedding in Santorini? Either way, if you’ll be in Santorini for a wedding celebration over a 3-day weekend, it’s a good idea to have some local activities in mind to keep everyone entertained.

Planning a pre (or post) wedding itinerary is always a great way to prepare for an exciting weekend in Santorini. We’ve had so many wonderful experiences in Santorini and have rounded-up a few of our own favorite ‘things to do in Santorini’ – besides the typical touristy spots such as the Archeological site in Akrotiri and the Volcano & Hot Springs – to help you plan ahead. These top 5 enjoyable activities will definitely add to your wedding weekend experience, making it super fun and truly memorable!


1. Wine Tasting Tour & Cooking Class

Wine tours are extremely popular in Santorini, as the island boasts some of the oldest existing vineyards in Greece! Visit one of the charming local Santorini wineries and discover the island’s unique viticulture and distinctive methods of production. Explore the cellars and stroll through the unique basket vines of legendary wineries, such as Santo and Venetsanos, while taking in breathtaking views of the Caldera. Learn about how the volcanic nature of the soil helps produce delicious crisp volcanic wines with mineral flavors. Discover Santorini’s rich history while tasting a selection of different wine styles, including Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto, the island’s major wine varieties.

A wine-tasting experience in Santorini is perfectly combined with a fun and informative local cooking class. Visit one of the island’s traditional restaurants and work side-by-side with a local chef to prepare and taste some of Santorini’s signature dishes and local specialties with fresh and flavorsome products. At the end of your cooking lesson, enjoy your freshly-cooked creations and indulge in a culinary feast filled with authentic Greek flavor!


2. Caldera Sailing In Santorini

When in Santorini, exploring its famous Caldera basin and the volcanic islets is a must! You can give your guests this incredible opportunity by planning an unforgettable boat excursion, a small cruise of the island. Visit the volcano to see spectacular rock formations and climb the crater to enjoy unparalleled views of this impressive natural creation. Head over to the famous Santorini Hot Springs and dive in the warm waters to enjoy an ultimately therapeutic experience. Finally, stop at the small island of Thirasia that features unspoiled beauty and exudes a feeling of genuine serenity! You can even plan a private cruise with friends and family at sunset to absorb all the surrounding beauty of golden hues on the horizon and cliffs!


3. Walking & Trekking in Santorini

For the more adventurous ones of the wedding group, walking & trekking tours must definitely be added to your Santorini bucket list. Explore all the hidden, rocky terrain trails on foot and live the true Santorini outdoors experience. Breathe in all the magnificent views and hues around you from the dramatic cliffs of the caldera to the flat landscape on the other side of the island, at a glance. Make a stop at the famous Skaros rock and the old Profitis Ilias church in Imerovgli town to collect more memories!


4. Horse Riding In Santorini

One of the best ways to explore the magnificent, rugged landscape of Santorini is by horse riding. The uncommonly beautiful Santorini beaches – the beaches of Eros and Vlychada are famous for their black volcanic sand and deep blue waters; a perfect and picturesque setting for horse riding tours. However, there is more to see than just the sea. Ride along the Caldera to admire the brilliant sunset and the various gorges created by the eruption as well as a lovely ride through Santorini’s old, traditional villages and untapped parts. Horse riding in Santorini will surely be one of your most cherished and memorable experiences!


5. Sunset Yoga & Massage

Undoubtedly, a perfect antidote to the strains of a hectic lifestyle and pre-wedding stresses is a great massage! Massages offer relaxation, restore the body’s balance and reduce tension resulting in well-being and revitalization. Plan an afternoon for a massage on a private terrace overlooking the caldera, sip on some wine and breathe in the stunning views. If the massage is combined with a rooftop yoga class, the benefits are doubled. Inhale all the magical sunset colors and summer breeze. After hours of sightseeing and exploring the island, treat your guests (and yourself!) to a rejuvenating massage; visiting a spa in Oia, the most famous destination to relish the sunset and combine one of the island’s top attractions with a wholly healing experience!


As you can see, the spectacularly scenic island of Santorini offers a wonderful variety of activities and opportunities to explore along with friends and family. Besides, it’s not by accident that the island has become one of the world’s ultimate wedding hotspots!

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