An Exotic & Bold Wedding Style Shoot In Santorini

Mulling over where to have your destination wedding next year? There’s one place you may have not considered, Santorini, Greece. Spend your days discovering the black sand beaches, float in the sapphire waters and roam around the villages and sample baklava. Sounds like a dream!

We can help you make that dream come true. Sharing with you, this intimate wedding venue, along with some peacock wedding inspiration. Allowing you to envision what your Aegean Seaside destination wedding could look like.

This magnificent Santorini wedding venue is located on the edge of the Caldera – A private villa with a six century-old stone-built windmill. Not only can you have your intimate destination wedding here, but you and your partner can also stay here. Amazing… right?

It’s the perfect location to host any event with its panoramic views and spectacular sunset. Making this Santorini venue truly unique and special. Read on to hear all the details of this peacock themed wedding style shoot.
The color palette we went for was electric blue with splashes of yellow and turquoise.

We designed the floral backdrop, in such a way so that it resembled a peacock standing still. ‘A thousand eyes’ feathers beautifully incorporated into the whole flower arrangement together with bright blue orchids and a touch of yellow protea. Along with natural pampas grass and tropical leaves. It stood on a round gold arch which tied perfectly with our theme.

The dinner table consisted of the same flower arrangements, laid in a garland onto two gold stands. Tabletop decorated with peacock ‘body shape’ jars filled with Santorini’s characteristic black sand and tall pampas grass and feathers. Turquoise candlesticks and candle jars laid on the handmade pleated runner which opened up like a tail on either end of the table. The tableware was also in the color palette and designs reminiscing a peacock, with gold rimmed glassware, gold flatware and napkin folded in similar forms together with menu and name cards to complete the table set up.

The décor consisted of various different handmade items which we made ourselves, such as the feather fans, the pleated runner, both elements resembling a peacock’s tail, as well as the minimally decorated feathered trays.

We created simple geometric designed stationery items to match our concept, and added a touch of flair in each of their titles.

Inspired by the very trendy boho style peacock chairs which we had planned on using, we wanted something eccentric that would speak volumes, and so a peacock theme came into mind immediately. Its mesmerizing colors and the “thousand eyes” on its tail endorse distinction and good luck, and enhances one’s protection and awareness.

The peacock also symbolizes beauty and the feelings of love and attraction. A beautiful bridal bouquet in a similar form of a tail, together with a hairpiece which completed the final look of the bride in her stunning dress.
The thought of a long and airy dress adding a theatrical note to resemble a peacock’s eccentricity, was a perfect choice, as it intensified the natural movement and symbolism of a peacock with its large tail lifted up.

Lastly, the dessert table was set up at the wall of the broken down 600-year-old windmill, beautifully decorated with various feathers, leaves and pampas grass in black sand filled jars, in a minimal way as not to steal the show of the luscious desserts and cake. The golden hues from the sunset made it fantasy-like.

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